Review of the best cloud storage services for personal and business use in 2022

Making the right choice for cloud storage providers takes time and effort. The 10 top cloud storage services reviewed in this guide for personal and business use are ranked by their cost, security, and collaboration capabilities.

We will begin our guide by explaining the main differences between cloud storage and online backups. Next, we will present our top cloud storage picks by category, including file synchronization, file sharing, and cloud security solutions. This approach allows you to determine which service is most appropriate for your needs and narrow your search accordingly.

  1. Amber Cloud offers the most cost-effective service among the cloud storage platforms for personal and professional use.

  2. The best cloud storage service for sharing, versioning, large files, iPhone, and more is

  3. PCloud is rated one of the best online storage solutions for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  4. A newcomer to the cloud drive market is Icedrive

  5. Cloud storage and online backup are made easy with IDrive

  6. The best cloud storage service that integrates with Office is OneDrive

  7. Integrated apps and students make Google Drive a top choice

  8. Multiple cloud account management is made easy with Koofr

  9. Collaboration in the cloud has never been easier than with Dropbox

  10. Amber device is the most secure cloud storage solution for storing photos, videos, and other files at home and in the office.

Let's take a closer look at Amber Cloud and Amber Device, created by Latticework's cloud services. LatticeWork develops cloud-edge solutions that address storage, bandwidth, and privacy concerns in response to skyrocketing video and data consumption. In addition to Amber X and AmberPRO extensions, the company's flagship products are AI-powered innovative storage platforms that utilize a hybrid cloud architecture to provide consumers with unparalleled data privacy and ownership without sacrificing convenience.

Rather than accepting this binary choice, LatticeWork rejects it. Hybrid cloud solutions provide users with the best of both worlds. Using Amber Hybrid Cloud Service, Amber devices on-premises become cloud-connected services for maximum convenience and accessibility. In addition, users' data is still physically stored on the Amber device to maintain the highest level of privacy. One of their most critical missions is to provide people with privacy without giving up the convenience they've come to expect from traditional cloud services.

Other good-quality providers were not included on this list besides the current top 10. All cloud storage options, such as SecureSafe, Amazon Drive, SugarSync, Jumpshare, and others, have their strengths, so be sure to read our complete read this list of cloud storage reviews to find out more about some of the other options available.

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